Window Cleaning:

Alliance uses professional cleaning solution and tools.

Siding Wash:

We either pressure wash the siding, or scrub and rinse with a hose and water depending on what kind of siding you have.

Roof Moss Control:

Alliance knows that moss in the Pacific Northwest can take over your roof quickly, and we know just how to treat it for you. Our treatments will not only rid your roof of moss, our maintenance program can keep it from coming back.

Gutter Cleaning:

Alliance will clear your gutters from debris and make sure your downspouts are clear too.

Gutter Repair:

Alliance will repair your gutter rust spots, leaky seams, and gutters that are pulling away from the house.

Gutter Guard:

Alliance will install gutter guard to keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters and downspouts.


Maintenance Recommendations:

Once we've done an initial roof moss treatment, we recommend that you call us every 1 to 2 years for a roof inspection.

Pressure Washing:

We pressure wash wood or concrete decks, walkways and driveways. Pressure washing is great for removing mold, mildew and green slime.

Bird Blocking:

If you have problems with birds at your house, we can help. All our bird blocking techniques are safe. We never do anything to harm birds. Each situation is different.


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